One of the most worrying topics after finalisation of your plan to study abroad is your accommodation facilities. It’s all about choosing the right type of house you would want to step in to give you the feeling of your Abode for the duration of your education in this new country.

Below given are a few types of accommodation facility types enlisted:

  • Studio Apartment: High rise apartment booked by individuals and usually non sharing type
  • Shared Accommodations: Space shared by 3-5 people with common kitchen and washroom
  • University Accommodation: Hostel accommodation available inside university premises.
  • Private accommodations: Local house of residents given on rental basis on contracts.
  • Homestays: Shared accommodations with local residents of the country who rent a spare room.
  • Other types: Various other options are Hotels, Motels, Air BnB which are usually short duration accommodation opting until you don’t find a permanent one.
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