7 Reasons To Study In Canada

The most educated county in the world is Canada and this is the reason that it attracts more international students to study in Canada. Canada is the land of hockey and ice hockey and maple and it is beautiful on its own. Its beautiful nature, affordability of study, and living cost will make you say, I want to Study in Canada. 

But sometimes it becomes scary for international students to choose the right country and the right course to study abroad. This article will provide you with the top reason why to choose Canada to pursue your further studies. There are a lot of options to choose from and we will help you to broaden your list.

  • Excellence in Academic and Skill development
  • Earn while learning
  • Excellent quality of life
  • Great social system
  • Affordability
  • Employment opportunities
  • Discover the beauty of the county

1.  Excellence in Academic and Skill development

In Canada, there are top-ranked universities that are offering quality Bachelor’s programs at very affordable tuition fees. The Canadian government ensures the quality of education because education is the provincial responsibility. If you are also looking for a master’s degree to pursue from a Canadian university it will provide you with the number of options available in the form of Postgraduate diplomas, advanced diplomas, specialized diplomas, etc.

As per your interest, all sorts of courses are available at Canadian universities. You can choose from IT, engineering, healthcare, sports, agriculture, management, business, accounting, renewable energy, or any other stream of your choice.  Apart from education, the Canadian government also focuses on skill development. Because world-class education is not enough to start your career and what you have learned in classrooms is not enough. So they develop skill development programs for the students to pursue after completing their studies so that students will not face any difficulty while they start their careers. You can also enroll yourself in co-op programs because after completing the co-op program you don’t need to pursue the skill development course. In the co-op program, you will provide work opportunities to the students in their relevant fields. 

2.  Earn while learning

When you study in Canada you will be allowed to work 20 hours a week during your semester and 30 hours per week during the school break. Oppositely if you are working on the same campus where you are studying you don’t need a work permit. That means a work permit is required for full-time employees who are working outside the campuses. Here are the examples of the best part-time jobs in Canada during school semesters-

  • Customer service assistant
  • Office Assistant
  • Bookkeeper

Here are the best jobs in Canada During summer breaks-

  • Camps
  • Concerts
  • Holidays venues
  • Festivals

3.  Excellent quality of life

At the world level, Canada is ranked first as the safest country. In 2021, the Global Peace Index listed Canada as the top 10 peaceful countries across the globe. As an international student, you will get a chance to enjoy the same rights as other Canadian citizens. If we talk about the quality of life you will get fresh air, clean water, lower population, sense of space, etc. Apart from that, good healthcare and good education facilities are also available in Canada. Old immigrants are very helpful to the new immigrants. They are helping them by providing accommodation to them.

4.  Great social system

Why Canada is becoming a very popular and successful country across the world. The answer is because of its young and brainy Prime Minister- Justin Trudeau. He has made very good decisions during past years like pro-legalizing, gay rights, etc. There is no wonder that Canada is drawing in so many young students because of a good lead. In Canada, people are very friendly and welcome a peaceful life.

5. Affordability

Canada is a country that welcomes different cultures and gives an edge to cultural diversity. People from different countries are migrating to Canada because of its affordability. Every year the Canadian government opens thousands for international students to study in Canada. Throughout the year students are enjoying all festivals from Diwali to Christmas. Canadian universities allow the student to fill the first-year fees to take admission in Canada and they allow them to fill the rest of the fees after completing the first year. So that students can easily afford the tuition fees to study in Canada. Scholarship programs are also available for qualified students.

6. Employment opportunities

After graduating from a Canadian university a student will get a lot of employment opportunities to start their career. For technical domain students, there are several employment opportunities available who have good knowledge and background in the technical domain. There are some courses in Canada that are known as co-op courses. In this course, students will have to complete the three-semester in college and if they will fulfill the requirements of pre-set norms then they will get a chance to find a job for their fourth semester instead of studying. That means a student has to complete three semesters at college and they need to get requiem marks then they are eligible to do full-time work.

7.  Discover the beauty of the county

Canada is a beautiful country. You can explore the beauty of this country while you are studying in Canada. Apart from its beauty, you can also get a chance to meet with the different cultures and explore the diversity of different cultures. Because some people are migrants from different countries and you can meet with them and know more about their countries and cultures. Canada is also riding in the tech wave. So there is also an option of discovering technical things like biotech, aeronautics, digital media, video games, etc. Canada is the first country that provide the facility to connect schools and libraries to the internet.

Studying in Canada is becoming the top destination amongst international students. At the global level, Canada is ranked first for studying abroad and is majorly known for the quality of life of the people who are living in Canada. The affordability and culture of this country are also attracting international students to pursue their higher studies in Canada.

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